Monday, 23 January 2012


It's a very concept is simple.

A site that allows you to post a picture and brief blog or caption every day. For free. Yet it fascinating, stimulating, friendly and gloriously creative. It also has intriguing potential for the classroom.

I explained how I came to find it, on my last blog. It was the simple honesty of an outreach support teacher for children who have experienced interrupted learning, working in Edinburgh (

But today, I haven't been able to get the concept out of my mind. How could I use it in teaching and learning?   Straightaway you have to think of child protection, so I won't have individual blips, but a class one administered by myself or the classroom teacher. 

Here are some ideas, please help me and add to the list.

  • record the changing seasons- a tree / view every day.
  • record the weather at the sometime each day.
  • show the classroom as it changes with a topic.
  • track the progress of something! This could be a teddy that travels around each day- a focus for discussion or story. We had a dragon that we found in the garden. It always slept while we were there, but each day it moved and we had to find it before and decided what it had been up to. The blips could have been the clue to where to find it.
  • become the focus for maths in the environment, with children taking camera home and bringing in a maths/ environment  pic 0 - shapes, patterns, numbers, direction.
  • find a different road sign a day.
(You notice that you can keep a topic for a few weeks, or months or year)

  • show building work, or the change in your school garden project.
  • pupils bring in a shot of their favourite place
  • we once became accidentally fascinated by the numbers of different  pylons we had round our rural school (13+ different ones)- a picture a day, descriptive writing, maths shapes.
  • a bird of the day in the garden
  • preparations for a school show right from the beginning.
  • has any body a puppy they could photograph every day so we could see how it grew.
  • a science experiment showing plants growing each day.
  • the way the teacher's whisky bottle empties each day
So, can you add to this? Do you use blipfoto? How? Fancy a project?

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