Sunday, 22 January 2012

Lazy Sunday Networks

I really like my Sunday morning. It used to be my serious work day, but that thankfully is all in the past, and the therapy helps it stay there! Nowadays, if I can resist the lure of the duvet, I slip from bed to sit by the window of my flat in the calm of the early day, and look out across the loch and drink some fresh coffee. (French windows on a first floor flat with no balcony!) It's the time when I can catch up on my digital world, and explore new connections suggested by others. It is so relaxing and much fun!

When you work in a very small rural school, you can live the days with little professional or creative contacts. Don't get me wrong, I love my support staff and I am nothing without them. What my clerical does in that office is akin to Hogwart's magic and just as mysterious. Without the commitment and selfless support of my classroom assistants and additional needs support team the classroom teaching would grind into an undignified chaos. We may be only taking about three people here, but remember the 'war lost for a nail'? Together we are Team School.

Yet, teachers need to talk to teachers. It's a pedagogical thing! We know the issues and pressures intimately. There is a real understanding when you listen to other blogs and tweets. There are links and ideas that fascinate us- even when not working! So Sunday morning can be so refreshing.

So what of today? Well, I learned about

Time for fresh air now, and see how my partner is getting on writing her first one woman show! 

PS Taylors - do I get a freebie for the promotion!

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