Sunday, 18 March 2012

School Inside Out

Today was Forest School day. 

One day a week, the school goes into the woods to learn outdoors, come rain or shine. They learn about relationships, trust, respect, teamwork, independence, resilience, language, maths, science, oh hang it, you get the picture. 

I'm very fortunate in having a very skilled and experienced class teacher leading this, and it was fascinating to see how they treated the fire pit with respect, how they moved round it, how they put up their tarpaulin. And, how they enjoy themselves!

I got to see all this because, for various reasons, they couldn't go into the woods, but camped in the school grounds! It's difficult not to love this, especially as they all sat round cooking their Damper Bread on willow sticks, drinking hot chocolate from the Kelly Kettle.

It may have been an inside out day, but I think it was also a right-way-up day too.

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